This Archive, originally compiled by Reinhard Köhler of the University of Trier, is a bibliography of 794 publications whose primary focus is Quantitative Linguistics, most of which are associated with dowloadable digital scans from the private collection of the mathematician and linguist Gabriel Altmann (1931-2020). These publications relate primarily to the second half of the twentieth century and are for the most part in English, German, and Russian. The motivation for the present online version of the Archive is that many of them are now difficult to access, especially those belonging to the Russian - Soviet tradition of Quantitative Linguistics.

Using the above menu, the Archive can be searched by author and year of publication. The result in both cases is a list of bibliographic entries with, where available, a link to the corresponding full text scan, which may be freely downloaded: left-click to view, right-click to download For the year search the full four digits are required. For the author search only a single surname should be entered. In the case of multiple authors a maximum of three is included in the database search; if there is no result for one author, try another. Finally, the 'Full listing' menu item returns a complete bibliographic list of the Archive's contents.

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